Spice It Up: Rincon Heat Gourmet Hot Sauce

December 26, 2014

Localvores, rejoice! Looking for a great spicy addition to the condiment collection? Inspired by the shores of Puerto Rico, Rincon Heat is a gourmet hot sauce that packs a ton of flavor in every drop. The result of an “out of control” backyard pepper and herb garden and flat surf, Rincón Heat was originally created to enhance the flavors of the tropical fare at the Lazy Parrot resort in Rincón—right along the surfers “Road to Happiness” (PR-413). Now based in Jupiter, Rincón Heat is not only saving dishes, one splash of sauce at a time, but also saving our seas by donating a percentage of each sale to the Surfrider Foundation.

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Now available in three flavors: Extreme Heat (left; black cap), Original (center; red cap), Mango Chipolte (right; yellow cap), Rincón Heat relies on fresh ingredients to do the talking, and a great compliment to just about everything. Fresh and flavorful habanero peppers are the base for the Original and Extreme Heat (the Extreme Heat label is no joke—this stuff is hot) recipes, while smoked chipotle peppers are added to spicy habaneros and fresh Florida mangos to make up the Mango Chipotle—this is my personal favorite—and adds just enough heat to any veggie, meat or fish dish you add a splash or two.