The Illustrated Three

May 05, 2013

Howdy all you Makai Project acolytes. It's been a while since the last update from the shop, but we have been busy. The latest model of our handplanes, the duel-channel FatFish have been an absolute blast in this little swell we have had, so its pretty safe to say we've been working on the tan, all in the name of research and development.

But it hasn't been all play; we have managed to squeeze some work into the mix. A few new boards are rolling off the shelves, three of which are a collaboration with our favorite artistic duo, CocoRamb and Jorge Marquez of Rainy Sun Design, who came up with some rather sweet illustrations making these boards true are for the feet. The first, a retro kicktail cruiser aptly named The Bradley, is a sassy bamboo number with red oak and mahogany accents along the rails that makes you want to cry it looks so good. The deck is affixed with some intergalactic fish up top while the bottom has the likeness of a Siren that won't soon leave some young boys' dreams. Using the retro kicktail mold, this deck mixes old school with the new, opting for a super flexible and strong bamboo core. Sorry folks, this one is a one-off custom deck and is spoken for, but if you're interested in the graphic and/or style, we can work something out. Just shoot us an email at

  • Bradley-kicktail-board
    Illustrated deck made with bamboo, red oak and mahogany.

The second deck is a mahogany looker with a few circular accents thrown into the mix. Dubbed the Porthole, this deck uses the retro kicktail mold, but with a plywood core, making for a strong deck with plenty of pop. The look is classy, mainly mahogany with twin aspen pintstripes down the middle with aspen disks affixed on both the top and on the bottom, where a winking chica and the Makai Project logo sit respectively. Weighing in at 30 inches, the deck has a prominent kicktail and a raised nose, giving this sweet ride some serious curves.
  • Porthole-Kicktail-Skateboard---Illustration-by-CocoRam
    Aspen on mahogany, the Porthole kicks it old school with class.

The last illustrated board in the works is a little ditty we like to call the Saltwater Vixen. The name derives from the, lets just say voluptuous woman on the bottom whose surrounded by an assortment of marine life. The deck is mainly mahogany countered with an aspen pinstripe and some deep green poplar. Using our potato mold (combination camber and kicktail) and coming in at 32” x 8.5”, this deck has slight curves that help the rider grip the deck and enough rise to really carve.
  • Saltwater-Vixen-potato-shape-board---illustration-by-CocoRam
    An original Rainy Sun Design, the Saltwater Vixen is true art for the feet.

As you can see, things have been busy around here with lots of new and exciting things coming down the pike. And this Sunday, May 5, we'll be showcasing the latest and greatest at the last outdoor green market of Palm Beach Gardens' season. Come by, say high and check out the latest. And if the surf holds, we'll be headed to Carlin straight after to do some handplaning at the freshly formed sandbar. If you're interested in coming out, we have some extra rides to test out. Enjoy the rides compadres.