About us

January 30, 2012

Shore Life Florida is for locals, new arrivals and natives. We are here to bring you the interesting, the unique, the stuff that makes South Florida definitively South Florida. With a strong affinity for the sea, nature and our diminishing ecosystems, Shore Life shines a light on the bounty that we have been given, what makes the Gold and Treasure Coast such a desirable places to live, and ways to enjoy responsibly, give back when we can and be a steward to save it for the future. This site is dedicated to the beach life, the stewards of the sea, the swamp folk, the tree huggers, the young professionals, boarders and SoFlo board roomers, the four-legged, the epicurious, the eco-friendly and the eco-savvy, visitors and old time Florida conchs, and all else who find Florida in their heart. So read, share, keep us honest and, most of all, enjoy the Shore Life!